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Many political and military leaders employ God and religion to realize their own political and murderous aims. The following text deals with historical examples from the past till present time.
Samīr Murqus gives a snapshot on the history of Christian-Zionism.
The author criticizes Max Michel, who set up an independent church from the official Coptic Orthodox Church under Pope Shenouda, and accuses him of having contacts with the U.S. and Israel who support him against the pope.
The author continues this series of articles, refuting the idea of Christian Zionism, saying that the idea of settling Jews into the land of Palestine was strongly encouraged by many European countries. This helped the Jews consolidate the link between their settlement in Palestine and biblical...
The author discusses Israeli hostility towards Arabs and its war crimes in Lebanon and Palestine.
Stephen Sizer’s controversial book ‘Christian Zionism’ brought him accusations of anti- Semitism. Rose al-Yūsuf interviewed Sizer in Cairo during his tour around the Middle East.
This article deals with the assault waged by a Jordanian in the capital, Amman, against a group of tourists, which resulted in the death of one Briton and the injury of five others and a Jordanian policeman. The attack was the first since an anti-terror law was approved.
The author writes about tips received by security agencies about five persons reportedly planning to wage suicide bombings at a tourist spa in the Red Sea city of Sharm al-Shaykh.
In an attempt to quench the uproar over his recent fatwá that appeared to allow the killing of Israeli Jews worldwide, Muslim dā‘īyah Shaykh Safwat Hijāzī, explains in two interviews with Sawt al-Ummah and al-Wafd that his fatwá should only be carried out during wartime.
Hanī Labīb comments on Kifayah’s [enough] call to cancel the Camp David peace agreement signed between Egypt and Israel in 1979.


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