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The author reports the reaction of Muslim scholars on the fatwás issued by some shaykhs which denounce support for the Hizb Allāh because they are Shī‘ah.
The author presents his views on the way the west is trying to paint Islam and Muslims. He also discusses the war against Lebanon and the latest video tape from al-Zawāhirī.
Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm, head of the Ibn Khaldūn Center for Development Studies, invites former head of the Israeli Academic Center in Egypt to attend a conference on minorities’ rights.
Egyptian Jews convened their first conference in Israel. They want to regain their properties in Egypt.
Ahmad Fu’ād reports on the news published on the Israeli website ‘Debka File’ on developments concerning the Israeli soldier Gilead Shalit who was captured in Palestine.
This review deals with the controversy still blazing over the split of clergyman Max Michel from the mother Coptic Orthodox Church, and his establishment of Qur’ān independent church and a holy synod for Copts in Egypt and the Middle East.
300 Jews descended from Egyptian origin held a conference in Haifa to discuss, amongst other things, financial compensation for possessions seized by the Egyptian government.
An Azhar scholar, Dr. Ra’fat ‘Uthmān, denies Israeli newspaper Maariv reports that he issued a fatwá on the impermissibility of Palestinian martyrdom operations and that such perpetrators would end up in hell.
Dr. Wasīm al-Siysī disputes the claim that states ruled by religion are more successful than those ruled by positivist man-made laws, using the ancient Egyptian state and the modern state of Israel as cases in point.
The article focuses on the organizations that are defaming the Egyptian system internationally describing it as being oppressive, violating human rights and doing nothing positive for the country’s development.


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