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Princess Mona Al-Hussein, sister of the Jordanian King, laid the foundation stone of the first modern church named after Saint John the Baptist. The church will be under the authority of the Archbishopric of the Greek Orthodox Church.
The Central Orthodox Council in Jordan and Palestine issued a statement condemning the speech of Rev. Pat Robertson against Islam. The statement points out that Islam will always be a religion of love and tolerance.
During the period from 1991 until 2000, ten antique churches were discovered in Jordan. The most important church discovered is that of St. Gregorius. The church dates back to the beginnings of the sixth century A.D. - which means that it is among the oldest churches in the world.
Mona Eltahawy writes against the repression of expression across the Arab world. The author notes that Arab “dictators” oppose the Danish cartoons because they think "freedom of expression” should have limits. The author redirects that call to Arab leaders themselves, arguing that they should have...
The article discusses the need for changes in the Arab educational curricula. It calls for focusing on this objective and considers Western interference in this respect just a stone thrown into stagnant water.
In the drama that followed the republishing of the Danish cartoons across several European nations, the Danish and Norwegian Embassies in Damascus, and also the Danish Consulate in Beirut, were all burnt down. These incidents prompted those foreign ministers to advise their people to leave Syria...
Despite the progressive Islamist movements in Turkey and Morocco, liberals are still haunted by the salafī [traditional] experiment of Afghanistan’s oppressive Taliban. Ibrāhīm Gharāyba discusses the concerns of liberals about the Muslim Brotherhood’s political agenda.
Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he personally condemned the cartoons published in Jyllands-Posten. In an interview with the Danish TV2 station, Rasmussen said that he respected religious beliefs and that would prevent him from depicting Muhammad, Jesus or any other religious symbol...
The author argues that although the right to access information is permitted by the constitution, Arab countries are still lagging behind due to a number of legislations imposing secrecy on information.
The author suggests that beyond the complaints about poverty and unemployment lies an intellectual crisis, which is revealed in terrorist attacks.


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