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The death of the Syrian film maker, Mustafa al-‘Aqqād has prompted angry reactions from Arab writers.
In prison, the true character of Abu Mus‘ab al-Zarqāwī was shaped. During the course of his trial, he attacked the judges and accused them of being infidels, impressing Usāma Bin Lādin and Ayman al-Zawāhrī, according to the testimony of al-Qā‘ida member, Sayf al-‘Adl, an Egyptian.
Members of the Jordanian Brotherhood took to the streets in 1990 to express vehement rejection against the use of US forces to liberate Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion. Some even supported Saddam Hussein himself.
Jordan’s capital, Amman, hosted a four-day conference organized by the Arab Team for Islamic-Christian Dialogue.
The Jordanian Administrative Court supported a prison sentence handed down to Jordanian poet Musa Al-Hawamda by a lower court. Al-Hawamda is charged with defaming Islam in his poetic anthology titled “My Trees are Higher.”
A Jordanian court has sentenced journalist Mousa Hawamda to three months imprisonment for the charge of defaming Islam in his poetic anthology “My Trees are Higher,” published in 1999. Many Islamists issued fatwas accusing him of kufr [unbelief] and allowing his blood to be shed. Hawamda stressed...
The political-religious ideas of the Islamic Liberation Party are more evolved than the previous ancestral ideologies. They alert youth to confront the alliance between Jews and western colonialism along with the ragged Arab regimes.
Jordanian authorities arrested three journalists because of publishing an article allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad and his wives. The court decided to close the paper for which they work. Al-Amal Al-Islami Front accused them of apostasy. See also art. 9 in this issue.
The Jordanian policed announced last week that it had identified a complete network of terrorists who were prepared to carry out the largest chemical explosion the region has ever witnessed. Investigations showed that the operation was linked to Al-Qa’ida and was supervised by Abu Mese’ib Al-...
The Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church is accused of selling the church’s properties to Jewish colonialists, a scandal which triggered uproar among Palestinians and Arab Christians. The Jordanian government demanded the Patriarch, who has Jordanian citizenship, to provide explanations and...


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