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This interview  report reflects a brief discussion on August 5, 2018, between Libyan representatives (Mr. Abdulmajid Zuwama Alothmani [ʿAbd al-Majīd Zūwāmah alʿUthmānī], former Minister of Agriculture and current PDG of Libyan Petrol and Gas),  Mr Ahmed Shawki Mansour [Aḥmad Shawqī Manṣūr], the GM...
The Libyan president says that Christians and Jews should be given the right to circumambulate the ka‘bah.
The Egyptian press has widely covered Christmas celebrations held by the Coptic Orthodox Church and presided over by Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark.
Several Arab governments have recently opened the door to dialogue with political Islam groups after years of tension between Islamists and secularists in the Arab world.
Nearly 130 Libyan political prisoners, including members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, have been released under an amnesty from the Libyan government.
The International Islamic Council for Da´awa [preaching] called for an international Islamic-Christian dialogue conference in Libya. The slogan of the conference was “know one another” Participants presented and studied many papers about the concept of “knowing one another” as one of the...
The author gives a historical background on Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdel-Wahab and how Wahabism was established in the Arabian Peninsula. He believes Wahabism is an Islamic reformation movement.
A recent symposium held in the Libyan capital Tripoli underlined the importance of interfaith dialogue in confronting the world’s troubles facing and the need to exert more efforts countering attempts to link Islam and terrorism.
Certain parties have managed to dominate the minds of some Europeans and bring them into a state of genuine panic about losing their national identity at the hands of what they called the Islamic cultural invasion. This has been one effective result of the boycott against Denmark following the...
Luzon called for equalizing the Jewish Arabs to the Palestinian refugees, deeming the Arab-Israeli conflict as not one of religions or territory, but rather a fight between democracy and dictatorship.
The World Jewish Congress (WJC) considered the year 2004 as the cruelest in the history of anti-Semitism, pointing out that Muslims were the main reason behind the continued and escalating tone of anti-Semitism worldwide.
The Libyan Islamic Call Society is doing many things to support the Anglican Church "Christ the King, Tripoli." It gave the church a building instead of the one that was taken at the time of the revolution, paid for all the renovations and repairs to that building to make it suitable for the use as...
In this article the author reviews the conversion experience of a Jew who converted to Islam
Running and hiding gets more difficult for Osama bin Laden, the alleged terrorist whose hosts in Afghanistan face UN sanctions, may take little comfort from a precedent in Libya earlier this year.
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