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Robin Cook, the British Foreign Minister, has praised the friendship and tolerance between religions in Egypt. In a special statement to Rose El-Youssef, Cook said that he felt very comforted visiting the area of old Cairo, where mosques are so close to churches...
Al-Ahrar says Muammar Al-Qadhafi is unconventional and controversial in his thinking on Islamic matters. For example, Al-Qadhafi charges that Muslims’ love of the Prophet [Mohammed] made a god of him and that the Christians did the same thing with Isa [Jesus].
The followers of Libyan leader Al-Qadhafi denied the Sunna with the full knowledge of the Sheikh Al-Azhar and without him taking any action against them.
In this article, Al-Qadhafi courted the Muslim woman in her religion and said to the men that if they had the right to marry more than one woman, then the women had the right to marry more than one man. He also said that relations between young men and women had no limits.
In this article, Al-Qadhafi confirms that he had not deleted anything from the Qur’an. He also stated that the Hadiths of the Prophet could not be included among the necessities of the religion or the foundations of the faith.
In this article, Al-Ahrar judges the Muslim thinker and writer Muammar Al-Qadhafi. Regarding the Sunna, he said that he refused the Hadiths of the Prophet because he had created them or it had been created by other people. Al-Qadhafi said once to the Iraqi scholars that the Hadiths of the Prophet...
In this article, the author of the substitute of the Sunna involves the name of Libya’s president in the same case. He said that Al-Qadhafi and he had taken their information from one source and consequently the results were the same.
The Clinton administration is considering dropping Libya from the US list of alleged state sponsors of terrorism and Syria may not be far behind, according to a Congressional research report. "Libyan sponsorship of terrorism has declined to the point at which the administration is considering...
A conference on Islam in Africa was held in Tripoli. The scholars participating in the conference said that despite the strong missionary presence in Africa, Islam is spreading.
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