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Hostilities towards Turkey emerged as Armenians remember the anniversary of the Ottoman Empire massacre.
After a long phase of severed diplomatic relations, Turkey and Armenia have signed a treaty that was hailed by the international community and denounced by expatriate Armenians all over the world.
The various members of Turkey’s political scene are still fiercely debating the issue of the ban on headscarves in public institutions. Recently the high court ruled that the constitutional amendment that was passed in February allowing women to wear the headscarves in universities is null. The...
An article from al-Hayah reports on the thousands of Armenians who are commemorating the 93rd anniversary of the massacres perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire against the Armenians in 1915.
Turkish forces continue to clash with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s guerrillas [PKK] in south-eastern areas near its border with Iraq.
In light of the recent decision by the Turkish Parliament to allow women to wear the hijāb at universities, a Turkish women discusses her family’s role in Ataturk’s nation building project and the changing attitudes in Turkey nowadays.
The article talks about the current contest between Islamists and secularists of Turkey over a recent constitutional amendment that has aimed at the removal of the ban on wearing the hijāb in universities.
The article discusses two Iranian women who are breaking the mould in the conservative Islamic society in the country.
The article discusses the Armenian genocide during World War One, stressing that unless nations are capable of learning from their history and admitting to their mistakes, that such mistakes will continue to be made in the future.
The Federal Republic of Germany has awarded Dr. Hamdi Zaqzouq, the Minister of Endowments, the greatest order of merit for his efforts in the fields of Islamic-Christian dialogue and improving the image of Islam in the West.


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