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Whenever a terrorist operation occurs, voices calling for convening an international anti-terrorism conference crescendo. Recently the build-up has been such that this conference seems to be billed as a solution to terrorism. In fact it is a fantasy to which we should not surrender our minds.
At 10 am, last Wednesday, Albright met with Sacd al-Dīn Ibrāhīm at the Ibn Suhyoun (son of a Zionist) Center, formerly known as the Ibn Khaldoun Center in al-Muqattam. Extraordinary security measures were taken. Police, detectives, and anti-terrorism specialists were spread everywhere to protect...
Muslim scholars have gone on a rampage directly after the news of Amīna Wadoud delivering the Friday sermon and leading male and female worshippers in prayer.
Concerning the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian political arena, the confusion the outlawed group is going through is easily sensed. Obviously, this confusion is reflected in all of its decisions, namely those related with escalations against the ruling regime.
The Chargé d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Stuart Jones, said that the United States is calling on Egypt to play a leading role in the Middle East by opening its forthcoming elections to international observers who can guarantee the transparency of the election process.
Many of the experienced human rights activists have turned into foreign funding brokers provided that fund seekers observe total secrecy and blind obedience. Brokers might as well pass the recipe secret to some company owner, which paves the way for the emergence of more brokers.
A document forwarded by the neo-conservatives in the United States to President George W. Bush contained their recommendation to the US administration to deal with all the emerging mainstreams including the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, in a way to avoid having an anti-US regime in the future.
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leaders have replied to the attempts of the US Embassy in Cairo and later the European Union (EU) to start launching a dialogue with the group, which has been approved on condition that this takes place via the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The issue of females leading Islamic prayers “female imām” triggered a number of reactions in the Muslim world. Dr. Yousuf al-Qaradāwī views it as American Islam. He says that Islam does not allow women to lead prayers, attend the prayers unveiled or menstruating, or even pray shoulder-to-shoulder...
In response to the Scotland Yard inquiry the Egyptian authorities have arrested Majdī al-Nashar, 33, an Egyptian biochemist suspected of making the bombs that were detonated in the July 7 London blasts that killed 56 people and injured many more.


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