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The Qur’ān desecration incidents still echo in the U.S. and spark outrage across the Islamic world. The scandal that the American Newsweek Magazine unveiled has made the American hostility towards Islam no secret to anyone.
Yvonne Ridley is a 48-year-old British journalist best known for her capture by the Tālibān and subsequent conversion to Islām. After she was released, Ridley spoke to the Western press about the Tālibān’s treatment of women and the respect she received from her captors.
The article presents excerpts from controversial press statements made by both Muslims and Copts. While the Muslims refuse to be ruled by a Copt, an alleged spokesman of the Coptic Orthodox church claims that the Copts are the original natives of Egypt and decry Muslims as "occupiers."
The author continues his series of articles on Bedouinization. He questions to what extent it is accurate to say that the Bedoiuns had a great influence on culture in the Middle East, and considers dress code among other things.
Head of the U.S. Coptic Association, Michael Munīr, changes his political discourse and calls on the necessity to work in Egypt which raised a strong disagreement between him and expatriate Copts.
Many hadīth were falsified over time. Islam is a religion that needs a renaissance to reveal its true image.
This article says that the American “‘Azzām” is originally Adam Gadahn who was recruited by two al-Qā‘idah operatives.
The author discusses the issue of terrorists targeting Britain, which explains the tough security measures adopted by the U.K after attempted suicide operations were foiled.
Claims that Pakistani Christian children sold as slaves to fund Islamic militants and that the police have failed to take action, despite two Christian missionaries providing photographic evidence of children being sold.
The article deals with the ideologies of a group of Muslims who call themselves "the Qur’ānites" who believe only in the Qur’ān and deny the sunna [the Prophet Muhammad’s tradition] altogether.
The head of the Lebanese government asked the new Papal Ambassador in Lebanon to send his condolences to Pope John Paul II, for the attack on Christians in Pakistan. He stated that those who stand behind such operations have the intention of dragging the world into a struggle between its...
About 10 thousand Christians demonstrated in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, during the funeral procession for sixteen people, who were killed the day before, during an armed attack on a church in the city. The demonstrators and the Pakistani authorities asked for the procedures protecting Christians and...
The spokesman of "Al- Mohagereen" (immigrants) group in Pakistan declared that 700 British-Muslims were fighting with the Taliban forces. He mentioned a list of volunteers, which included Muslims from European countries and the US and pointed out that Arab-Afghans supervised the volunteers travel...
On October 29, 2001 a funeral ceremony was arranged in the Catholic Church Bahawalpur, which was led by church leaders. During his address, the Catholic Bishop Andrew Francis of Multan demanded a ban be imposed on all terrorist organizations. About 7,000 Christians, Hindus and Muslims attended the...
On October 28, 15 Christians and a Muslim were killed by five unknown people, who opened fire on the people when they were praying in the Catholic Church, in Bahawalpur, in Pakistan It is the first time in the history of Pakistan that Christians have been killed in a Church. Catholic and Protestant...
The general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood has assigned ‘Askar to attend sessions of the United Islamic Labor Council in Peshawar.
The war on terrorism is casting its shadow over West-Islam relations, as shown by US policy towards Pakistan, Iran, and many other Muslim states. Buthayna Sha‘bān believes that the US stance is built on trust, and she thinks that to help their nations, Muslim leaders and states should trust...
Next month, Karachi, the Pakistani trade capital, will host an international conference on Islamic banking systems and financial markets.
Arab and Islamic countries have turned a blind eye to extremists, thus giving them the green light to collect money and infiltrate into many establishments, such as educational institutions.
The US Department of State announced that it has started an experimental program financed by USAID to educate Pakistani girls. The program aims to promote critical thinking and to counter girls’ shyness.


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