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In an interview with the Turkish newspaper Ahval in the capital Ankara, Lorenzo Vidino, director of the George Washington University Cyber and Internal Security Program on Extremism, said the ruling Islamists of the Justice and Development Party in Turkey are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.   ...
Background: The first part of the recording is a press conference by Foreign Minister ʿAmru Mūsā, who was speaking in both Arabic and English, during the 1996 Arab Summit which was held in Cairo, Egypt in which he was mainly discussing the Arab relations for cooperation and the peace process in...
The stand of the judge’s club against appointing female judges shocked civil and feminist trends which believe that this stand is contrary to the principle of judge’s independency. It also violates the Egyptian constitution and the international charters.
The ninth Islamic Summit started in al-Doha, in Qatar, with a spirit of understanding and agreement on all the issues on its agenda. However, there were conflicts regarding the issue of boycotting Israel. The Palestinian representative was able to achieve a compromise that gives the members the...
Many hadīth were falsified over time. Islam is a religion that needs a renaissance to reveal its true image.
News that Dr. ‘Alī al-Simmām will present three working papers at the Conference of Dialogue of Religions in Qatar.
News that Dr. Hamdī Zaqzouq will present a working paper at the Conference of Dialogue of Religions in Qatar.
Mirvat al-Huttayyim attacks Al-Jazeera news channel, accusing it of lacking sold principles and acting as a pulpit for terrorists to promote their ideas. She quotes statements of workers at the channel that prove its dual nature.
The article reports on a meeting hosted by Qatar and headed by Kofi Annan, the UN secretary-general. At the end of this meeting the participants released a statement urging everyone not to use the right to freedom of expression as a pretext to provoke hostility or offend beliefs.
The Czech judicial authorities have turned down a request to return a Qatari shaykh to face trial in his own country. Shaykh Hāmid ‘Abd Allāh al-Thānī was charged of sexual abuse of minors, that is under aged 15 and faces eight years’ imprisonment if he is convicted.


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