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The Saudi police arrested three Egyptian brothers working in trade and charged them of missionary activity.
The number of women in Saudi Arabia is five million of whom 55 percent are university graduates. However, only 5.5 percent of them work. With the spread of the word ?change? in the Middle East, every Saudi woman now sees it as her right to get a better status at work, in participation in society...
One of the issues that surfaced after September 11 is the issue of "religious discourse" and its importance in showing that Islam is not a religion of violence and terrorism. Articles covered in this press review show what kind of religious discourse is needed today and whether there are Western...
The article sheds light on Islamic banks and investment of capital companies. They have a religious appearance and a commercial nature. It also comments on the relations between Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Saudi Minister of Interior accused the Muslim Brotherhood of being behind most of the problems of the Arab and Muslim world. He announced the deportation of several Brothers for trying to destabilize the Kingdom. Such action was a surprise, especially in the light of the history of cooperation...
The article presents a brief review of some literary works on the hajj, to show how literature has been influenced by religious values in society.
The author comments on Pope Benedicts XVI’s controversial statement while making extreme statements about the nature of Islam.
Drs. Hulsman criticizes the well-known American Evangelical writer Dr. David Aikman for presenting an article in support of Pope Benedict’s main arguments about Islām, claiming Islām not to be a religion of reason. Hulsman finds Aikman’s arguments an oversimplification and therefore doing injustice...
Since police arrested members and key figures of the Muslim Brotherhood over holding a military rally at the Azhar University, the group has been suffering from a massive security campaign from and a threat of the constitutional changes.
The article talks about Saudi female preaching activities in Saudi Arabia. It represents different opinions and requests of different well-known Saudi female preachers.
The author discusses the conference held in Iran to deny the Holocaust, and wonders why there is no conference being organized to counter these accusations.
The article is an interview with Natana J. DeLong-Bas. She is a senior research assistant at the Center for Muslim- Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. The interview sheds light on her book ‘Wahhabi Islām: From Revival and Reform to Global Jihād.’ The book presents...
The author calls on international media and civil society to help in the promotion and protection of human rights in the Middle East.
In this article, the author warns Egyptian society against the dangers of the expansion of the Shī‘ah influence as it increases fitnah and doctrinal disagreements in society allowing space for the growth of an extremist trend in its thoughts and beliefs; whereas the Sunnī parties do not have...
Ahmad Sabrī Amīn shows the lives of the Muslims living in Denmark and their reactions towards the Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.
Khālid Muntassir writes about ‘Al-Awbah’ [The Return], a book that has caused a wide controversy in Saudi Arabia.
‘Abdul ‘Azīz al- ‘Abdullāh al-Tūwigrī reviews a study entitled ‘Moderation,’ conducted by the Administration for Public Relations and Media.
‘Amir continues his criticism of the Twelver Shī‘ah and clarify that his attitude is merely religious and has nothing to do with political affairs of the Shī‘ah countries. He asks Sunnī scholars to give precise answers for certain questions about Shī‘ah doctrine.
Ahmad Khālid continues his series of articles answering the pope’s controversial declarations against Islām. In his fourth article he asserts that Islām is a religion of truth that exalts God above everything. Islām, like Christianity before it, came to fulfill the world’s needs.
A Christian missionary converted to Islam after reading the Qur’ān with the intention to find mistakes that could help him to invite Muslims to convert to Christianity. He wrote an important book on the issue.


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