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The author criticizes fatwas that prohibit football and discusses her personal experience while delivering a lecture at one of Saudi Arabia’s universities.
A famous scriptwriter criticizes Islamic fanaticism and “repentant actresses” resuming their artistic careers.
Ahmad Abu al-Hassan presents Colonel Qadhāfī as the leader of the new war between the Sufist and the Salafist movements. Qadhāfī’s war is one in which all possible weapons are to be employed.
Thuraya al-Shahrī discusses the current educational system in Saudi Arabia. She criticizes "male only" universities and stresses the importance of female education for future generations.
The article reads that only a few days after an article was published by the Washington Post criticizing Saudi curricula, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) held a symposium on the issue of the relationship between Islamic textbooks in Saudi Arabia and the war on terror.
The author reports insults directed to the Azhar in the Islamic Centre in London and a similar incident in Malaysia.
The Islamic Centre in London, originally Egyptian, has been subject to a Saudi takeover through a policy of funding, staff replacements and intimidation.
The author argues for the existence of a third generation of terrorists, and the features that distinguish them from previous generations.
The author tackles the relationship between state and religion in Islamic history, noting that religious and political issues in Islamic culture are very complicated and are not clear so far.


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