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Opinions of Islamic scholars on the issue of misyār marriage, in which the husband has no financial responsibilities for his wife.
Mamdouh Nakhla, head of the Al -Kalīma Center for Human Rights, is participating with Muhammed al-Dirinī and ‘Aboud al- Zumour in the authorship of a book entitled "The Hell Capital" about how Christians and prisoners are treated in Egypt.
Prince Charles will open a tent in London next week promoting tolerance and understanding between religions.
Pamphlets printed in Saudi Arabia appeared hours before the Shamm al- Nasīm feast in Egypt calling for preserving the Islamic identity and prohibiting Muslims from celebrating others’ feasts.
A fatwa allows couples to get married and waives the husband’s responsibility to shoulder household expenses.
The imam of the Grand Mosque in Maaka called upon world leaders not to resort to violence in response to the terror attacks against the United States on Sept. 11. He also urged Muslims to differentiate between terrorism and legitimate holy struggle. He rejected terrorism as totally un-Islamic.
The Kingdom Holding Company has announced that the Saudi Prince Talāl Bin ‘Abd al-‘Azīz Āl Sa‘oud, chairman of the administrative council of the company, has donated $20 million to Georgetown and Harvard universities each, in order to develop centers of Muslim-Christian understanding.
Rushdī Abu al-Hasan reviews a book by an American researcher about Wahābism entitled “Wahabi Islam, From Revival and Reform to Global Jihad,” describing it as a very positive attempt to examine an Islamic movement.
Dr. Thanā’ Fou’ād ‘Abd Allāh discusses the issue of improving the conditions of women in Saudi Arabia. Although there is trend that asks for the liberation of women, there is also another stream that opposes what they call ‘westernizing’ Saudi women.
The sessions of the Saudi conference “Extremism and moderation," organized by the King Abdel Aziz Center for National Dialogue, witnessed heated discussions that reflected the completely different views of the participants especially on the issue of the Saudi educational curricula. The research...


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