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Political and social theorist Sir Isaiah Berlin famously compared nationalism to a ‘bent twig’, ‘forced down so severely that when released, it lashed back wit
Michel Aoun, a former Lebanese army commander and currently a politician and leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, warned that changing the regime of Syrian President Bashār al-Assad would wreak havoc with Lebanon and the Christians living inside it.  
Meanwhile, al-Jihād al-Islāmī announced its support for ISIS in fighting the American-led “crusade against Islam”, irrespective of their ideological differences. 
Background: The first part of the recording is a press conference by Foreign Minister ʿAmru Mūsā, who was speaking in both Arabic and English, during the 1996 Arab Summit which was held in Cairo, Egypt in which he was mainly discussing the Arab relations for cooperation and the peace process in...
A description of a visit to the Convent of St. Dimyānah on the Occasion of the festival of Saint Dimyānah whereby Metropolitan Bīshūy provided the delegation with a detailed explanation of Coptic traditions related to the convent. Dr. Picard noted differences between the way Metropolitan Bīshūy and...
The writer tries to presents a Biblical chronology of the birth of Jesus Christ to clarify the difference between the Western and the Eastern Church calendar.
Text of lecture about a declining Christianity in the Middle East. Dalrymple compares between his travels in the mid nineties to when he collected material for his book ‘From the Holy Mountain: A Journey among the Christians of the Middle East,’ and recently travelled to the areas he had visited...
The author discusses the plight of Christians in Iraq.
History has witnessed Western persecution against Eastern Christians. This review highlights some historical incidents that demonstrate this fact and asserts that the unity of Christians and Muslims in the East is facing foreign danger.
An overview of the life of Cardinal Franz Konig, the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna and one of the principal architects of the Second Vatican Council
Trade played a great role in spreading Islam all over the world. Muslim merchants were a good example that was followed by other people.
Religious institutions in Egypt are still rejecting a project to produce the first Egyptian movie about the life of Jesus Christ, but the filmmakers are determined to continue.
The events and consequences of September 11 represent the peak of the historical and social development that the Islamic world has witnessed since World War II. This development witnessed agreement and conflict between Americanization and Islamization, which are the two faces of the crisis of the...
Overview of a report published in the French magazine Le Figaro on the Christian Arameans living in Kurdish areas, especially in Turkey.
Different reports on whether or not Christians in Islamic countries are persecuted: 30.1 Hermann Schalück OFM Persecuted Christians? Introduction 30.2 Johannes Müller SJ Religious Freedom - Aspirations and Reality Reflections on the Complex Relationship between Christians and Muslims 30.3 Theodor...
The authors criticize the ignorance between Muslim nations and the West and the lies they propagate about each other, which eventually lead to confrontation between the two sides.
George Rizq-allah has succeeded in achieving his forefathers’ dream. Rizq-allah inaugurated a center in the Syrian village Meilula to teach Christ’s Aramaic dialect, in order to keep it alive. The center is mainly concerned with teaching the language, reading and writing, following the manuscripts...
If Prophet Muhammad, or any of his Companions were raised from the dead, he would announce his rejection and condemnation of the hideous crime of the Iraqi Muslims who slaughtered a U.S. civilian. Early Muslims have never applied this brutal manner in the war they launched against their enemies.
A statement by the movement’s spiritual leader Ali Sadr Al Din Bayanouni said a reported crackdown on Rifa’at Assad’s stronghold in the port city of Latakia was part of the Syrian president’s campaign to pave the way for the transfer of power to his son, Bashhar.
Jordan’s clampdown on the activities of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, is bound to put an end to complaints by the Palestine National Authority and Israel, diplomats and political analysts said on Tuesday.


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