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Seventy-four Copts are running for the coming parliamentary elections. In spite of this relative large number and in spite of the psychological support they are getting from the political leadership, their path is not furnished with silk. They are facing many problems and hard competition in the...
Personal memories of Dr. William Qilada who supported the start of the RNSAW.
Disputes over oil, Islam and Kurds are fueling tension between Iran and Turkey, although neither side appears to have an interest in pushing the rivalry too far.
Strange religious and non-religious groups with very strange and potentially dangerous ideas concerning the dawning of the third millennium after Christ are beginning to be become known. This article is a summary of an article downloaded off the Internet (from California Net).
Cypriots are obsessed by centuries-old animosities and who remain loyal to religious and ethnic lines drawn as far back as the Middle Ages, just like the peoples of the Balkans. The apparent obsession with religion as the ultimate decider of who is friend, and who foe. It places Cyprus on a par...
Dr. Fouad Bahgat says that after Noah cut down the trees, he left them to dry for about 40 years. This long period prevented the ship from decaying.
A Turkish university opposes women wearing veils.


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