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The article deals with the shift in US policy from their rejection of dialogue with Islamists to their welcoming them in power, as a way to guarantee that American interests in the area remain intact.
The author argues that the killings of Christians that took place recently in Egypt and Turkey signal religious intolerance.
The European Court of Human Rights has condemned Turkey for violating article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, after receiving complaints from the owner and editor-in-chief of a monthly publication [Reviewer: no name given] about the government’s restrictions...
The article speaks of a landmark bill in Turkey giving its citizens the freedom to register whatever they want in the religion section of their identity cards.
The Turkish ambassador to Egypt speaks about Islamic dialogue, particularly in relation to the current Iraq crisis, and the need for dialogue between the Islamic world and the West.
The International Zionist Agency warns the Jews in the world in general, and the Jews in Europe in particular, against having relations with Muslims, even if those Muslims are moderate. The Agency thinks that there is an unbridgeable ideological gap between Jews and Muslims, and that Muslims who...
The German police staged raids in four cities and detained four people who are suspected for planning terrorist attacks. These raids were carried out in coordination with the Turkish and Lebanese police.
The culture of violence is the set of values, set in a specific time and space promoting physical and attitudinal violence along a spectrum, against individuals or properties, or symbols.
President Ahmet Necdet Sezer of Turkey has vetoed an amendment to the country’s new penal code that would reduce penalties for teaching unauthorized courses on the Koran.
The letter sent by Eric Edelman, former US Ambassador in Turkey, to the Turkish minister of religious affairs, Muhammad Eden, about Turkish anti conversion tactics, opened a hot debate about the protestant encroachment into the society and the dilemma of identity versus benefits of the European...


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