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Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten reiterated its apology to the Muslim world over the cartoons it had published on September 30, 2005, which nourished antagonistic sentiments against Denmark. However, the newspaper editor Carsten Juste refused to pledge to not publish any more articles or cartoons...
Muna Bakr says Islamic groups that cheered at the victory of the Turkish Islamic Refah Party did not notice that party’s program is basically secular.
Fou’ād ‘Alām states the reasons for the recent successes achieved by political Islam movements. Muslims’ aspirations for changing their current governments, whose policies have not met up to their hopes, is one of the reasons behind the successes of political Islam movements.
In the drama that followed the republishing of the Danish cartoons across several European nations, the Danish and Norwegian Embassies in Damascus, and also the Danish Consulate in Beirut, were all burnt down. These incidents prompted those foreign ministers to advise their people to leave Syria...
Many Egyptian Christians and U.S. Copts argue that the Hamayouni decree, an Ottoman law dating back to 1856, is still in effect, even though it was officially annulled in 1914 when Egypt was declared a British protectorate.
It is not acceptable that setting up a radio station like Radio Sawa or a TV channel like al-Hurra would offer good indications for keenness on having this dialogue.
Recent U.S. statements have described some Arab leaders as lacking in political adeptness and described others as failing to make required political and economic growth in their countries, while at the same time, the U.S. is allying with Islamists.
Many decisions taken later by the Erdogan government were incompatible with the U.S. interests as Washington found out that Erdogan and his party were stuck to their conservative Islamic popular platform whenever the need arises.
‘Abd al-Mun‘im Sa‘īd examines the success of the Turkish experiment, considered by moderate Muslims to be a model for democratic Islam.
The recent Turkish legislative amendments made according to the human rights criteria of the European Union have failed to secure freedom of expression.


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