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The article is a comment on the fatwa of Yemeni Sheikh Al-Zindani. The author believes that the fatwa should also be applied in the Arab-Islamic world, where youth have many problems, mainly economic, that does not help them to get married – which may cause them commit sin.
Sheikh Abdel-Magid Al-Zindani, the chairman of consultative [Shura] Council of the Yemeni Islah [Reform] Party and the president of the Islamic Research University, calls for creating a new marriage bond called “Zawaj [marriage] friend” instead of the Western system “girl friend,” which allows...
The Emirates handed Cairo over fundamentalist Muhammad Sharif, known as Abu Al-Farag Al-Masri. Al-Masri is a member of the Jihad Organization, led by Dr. Ayaman Al-Zawhari. He was the imam of a mosque in the Emirates.
Yesterday, a court in London ordered the release of the sons of Abu Hamza Al-Masri, the leader of Ansar Al-Shari´a [Shari´a Supporters] Organization, pending a retrial on February 20 on the charge of attacking police officers.
American people think of Islam as a religion of terrorism and they accuse all Muslims of a crime committed only by a few terrorists. This is how they justify collective punishment, including declaring war on all Muslims and putting them under strict surveillances.
The war of defamation has been ignited between fundamentalists in London. The battlefield is the Islamic forums on the internet especially between the leader of the organization Ansar Al-Shari’a and an Egyptian fundamentalist who writes under pseudonyms.
The American Administration asked some Arab countries to amend their school curriculums. This story did not start with the September 11 incidents but began some months before when the US State Department made a study, in cooperation with the European Union (EU), of the curriculums for the different...
Mona Eltahawy writes against the repression of expression across the Arab world. The author notes that Arab “dictators” oppose the Danish cartoons because they think "freedom of expression” should have limits. The author redirects that call to Arab leaders themselves, arguing that they should have...
The article discusses the need for changes in the Arab educational curricula. It calls for focusing on this objective and considers Western interference in this respect just a stone thrown into stagnant water.
Muhammad Jābir al-Ansārī discusses Arab-West relations and believes that the best way to spread Islam is to practice it well.


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