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The three released British Muslims, Shahrazad Nabi, Iyad Hussein, and Ghulam Hussein, who were convicted of planning to commit terrorist activities in Yemen arrived home in London last week.
Iyad Hussein and Shahrazad Nabi, who are the two Britons who were sentenced to time served were released from prison.
According to the contract which was signed between Yemen and Britain, the accused British will be released. There are indications that some British Ministers want to return British companies to implement the projects in the Aden port and airport, which stopped since the arresting of the accused...
It is rumored that the Yemeni Government is receiving pressure from America to close down the Hamas office in Sana’a as well as preventing Hamas leaders from visiting Yemen.
The Yemeni Minister of Interior, General Staff Hussein Mohammed Arab, has requested that Britain extradite Abu Hamza a well-known Muslim militant whose son and two sons-in-law amongst others were recently convicted on charges of planning various terrorist acts in Yemen.
With Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh about to launch his re-election campaign, a series of explosions rocked the impoverished country on Friday and Saturday [August 27 and 28, 1999]. This was a clear reminder to Saleh that his coming term - as his victory is nearly certain - will not be an...
A Yemeni appeals court will on September 16 begin a review of the case of 10 Muslim militants, including eight Britons, jailed on terrorism charges, official judicial sources said on Thursday.
Lawyers for the seven British Muslims in Yemen jailed for plotting terrorist attacks claim that they have been denied access to their clients. Seven days after their 9 August conviction, the prisoners have not been allowed to contact the outside world, while two of them who received the sentences...
Yemen’s Interior Minister Hussein Mohammed Arab said in remarks published Thursday that security forces had arrested 16 people on charges of planning sabotage acts in Yemen. "A group of 16 people linked to Abu Hamza Al-Masri were arrested in Sanaa. They were planning sabotage acts," the official 26...
A London-based Islamist militant has threatened reprisals against Yemen after eight Muslim Britons and two Algerians were found guilty of plotting to bomb Aden and sentenced to jail terms ranging from three to seven years.
Four people were killed and 43 were wounded a crowded market in the capital of Yemen, when a gunman threw a hand grenade and then opened fire after a Yemeni court upheld the death sentence on the leader of an Islamic militant group.
In another blow to Islamist militants, 13 members of the clandestine Vanguards of Conquest, an offshoot of the Jihad group, were handed over to Egypt during the past few weeks by South Africa, Yemen, Kuwait and Syria.
Friday, British authorities released three Islamist militants arrested four days earlier, including the leader of Ansar Al-Sharia (Advocates of Islamic Law) and Yasser Serri who was sentenced to death in absentia by an Egyptian military court in 1994 for plotting an attack against the then Prime...
People are surprised about the British Government’s attitude in dealing with Muslim extremists. Following its flexible policy with them where they were allowed to run their activities from British territories, British authorities recently arrested some known Islamic extremists under the new...
An interview made by Al-Wasat with Mustafa Kamel, also known by Abu Hamzah Al-Masry, prior to his detention by the British authorities in London.
Interior Minister Habib El-Adli said, "Terrorism is now denounced by people who had previously sympathized with underground groups, believing them to be Islamists preaching religion."
The killing of three nuns in Yemen from the order established by Mother Teresa raised a lot of questions about the reason for the presence of nuns in a country that contains no Christians in the first place.
A suspected extremist killed three nuns in Hodeidah, Yemen.


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