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We write to express our concern about reports that the authorities in the Republic of Yemen have yet again ordered the indefinite closure of the al-Shora newspaper. It is even more troubling that another newspaper, al-Haq, has also been closed under similar circumstances.
Followers and supporters of a Yemeni militant who was executed on Sunday for the kidnapping and killing of Western tourists in Yemen threatened to avenge his killing, but the Yemeni authorities dismissed these warnings as "hot air".
A car racing away from a police checkpoint in a hail of gunfire blew up with a huge explosion, killing seven people on Thursday in the central Yemen province of Ibb. Police said vehicle was apparently being used to smuggle dynamite.
The first day of Rajab is a memorable day for most of the Yemenis. On this day most Yemenis embraced Islam. This is celebrated by Sufi’s in the Al-Ganad Mosque. Their ceremonies are, however, strongly opposed by some religious leaders who call their form of worship a kind of heresy.
After a verdict was made to close Al-Haq newspaper. The Committee to Protect Journalists urged the President in writing to stop the closure orders of Al-Haq as well as Al-Shoura newspapers.
A few hundred Jews are left in Yemen. No one seems to know their exact number. No wonder. The last remaining Jews in Yemen are living in remote villages and small towns. Emigration of Jews has continued behind the scenes until at least 1995. The Jewish Agency tried to attract Yemeni Jews to go to...
The second article in this series can be found in last week’s RNSAW. This article discusses the traditions of Yemeni Jews and Yemeni Jews living abroad.
A Yemeni view on the history of the Jews in Yemen. One of the commonly held beliefs is that the Jews of Yemen are the oldest Jews ever. It is said that they were present in Yemen even before the destruction of the first temple in Jerusalem in 586 BC. The article also describes the life of the...
Yesterday, Sunday the 17th of October, official sources indicated that the execution of Abulhassan Al-Mihdar took place. This gives the conclusion that indeed, President Saleh had endorsed the sentence, and ordered the immediate execution of the terrorist leader.
The article discusses female genital mutilation among Yemeni females. There is a wide difference between the actual teaching of Islam and what is externally practiced in various Islamic states by Muslims who have at time mixed up customs, traditions and secularism with Islamic teachings.


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