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The Yemeni literary tradition is very fertile and rich with different artistic figures who have substantially contributed to it throughout its multidimensional, long history. The Yemeni chants art has witnessed many classical chanters. The traditional chants were deep-seated in our literature and...
An overview of the history of the Jews in Yemen over the past 100 years. Emigration from Yemen was supported by the Zionist movement. But, says the author, instead of coming into the promised land they came in a country where they were discriminated.
The hearing in the case of the Abyan Islamist Militants resumed last week. The group is accused of setting up an armed gang and of sabotage in main cities.
The three released British Muslims, Shahrazad Nabi, Iyad Hussein, and Ghulam Hussein, who were convicted of planning to commit terrorist activities in Yemen arrived home in London last week.
Iyad Hussein and Shahrazad Nabi, who are the two Britons who were sentenced to time served were released from prison.
According to the contract which was signed between Yemen and Britain, the accused British will be released. There are indications that some British Ministers want to return British companies to implement the projects in the Aden port and airport, which stopped since the arresting of the accused...
It is rumored that the Yemeni Government is receiving pressure from America to close down the Hamas office in Sana’a as well as preventing Hamas leaders from visiting Yemen.
The Yemeni Minister of Interior, General Staff Hussein Mohammed Arab, has requested that Britain extradite Abu Hamza a well-known Muslim militant whose son and two sons-in-law amongst others were recently convicted on charges of planning various terrorist acts in Yemen.
With Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh about to launch his re-election campaign, a series of explosions rocked the impoverished country on Friday and Saturday [August 27 and 28, 1999]. This was a clear reminder to Saleh that his coming term - as his victory is nearly certain - will not be an...
A Yemeni appeals court will on September 16 begin a review of the case of 10 Muslim militants, including eight Britons, jailed on terrorism charges, official judicial sources said on Thursday.


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