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After the overthrow of President ʿUmar al-Bashīr from power, following a statement issued by the Sudanese army, the status of the Islamic trend is becoming tense, and going through a wide unrest.
Egyptian [Christian] professor of History and dean of the Faculty of Art of the Helwan University, Zebeida Attalla [Zubaydā ʿAṭāllah] presented her book Qubtī fī al-ʿAṣr al-Islāmī (‘A Copt In the Islamic Era’), stressing that she used both Muslim and Coptic references to support the historical...
The first Egyptian woman to work in costume and scenic design for theatre, Sakina Mohamed Ali [Sakīna Muḥammad ʿAlī], died Tuesday at the age of 85. 
Egyptian Priests Who Enriched The Egyptian History
In the Bahraini capital, al- Manama, the Conference on Civilization and Cultural Dialogue came to a close.
The General Egyptian Book Organization (GEBO) published a new book entitled ‘The Egyptian society and western culture 1798-1952’ written by researcher Muḥammad Rajab Tammām.
Many Egyptians take pride in having Turkish origins. This may be true because Egypt remained under the Ottoman rule for over 7 centuries during which the life of the Egyptians was influenced in all its aspects. In fact, Egypt was conquered by people of many races and nationalities. But it contained...
Throughout its history, al-Rifāʿiyya has gone through important developments, difficulties and rumors. For example, some people think that Rifāʿiyya followers have a relationship with snakes and lions. But here is the true story of Shaykh Ṭāriq al-Rifāʿī. 
Not only monuments, but also streets, districts and different areas of the metropolitan city of Cairo have their own stories to tell. Many places such as like: al-Mugharbalīn, Al-Surūjiyya, Al-Darb al-Aḥmar, Ḥawsh al-Ghajar or Hosh al-Ghagar, Birkit al-Fīl, Tall al-ʿAqārib, Darb al-Mahabīl, Al-...
Dr. Muhammad Mukhtār Jum’ah assured that the kufār in the times of Jāhilīyyah (pre- Islamic times) used to respect the harām months and prohibit killing during those months.


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