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Arab-West relations have been one of the most controversial relationships in the international arena for decades.
Christian denominations warned of the loss of the Egyptian people's right to express their anger towards the "Innocence of Muslims," a film discrediting the Prophet Muhammad, because of the violent acts that erupted around the United States Embassy in Cairo.
The Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod called for suing people who were involved in producing the film "Innocence of Muslims" discrediting the Prophet Muhammad.  In the official statement, read by Bishop Bula of Tantā, the Holy Synod also called for criminalizing insulting religion. Read original text in...
President Dr. Muhammad Mursī denounced offending the Prophet Muhammad and stressed in a presidential statement that the Egyptian people, Muslims and Christians, reject the discrediting of religious symbols.
The number of protesters outside the US embassy in Cairo began to decrease Tuesday night after thousands had gathered earlier to protest a film they said was being produced in the United States that insults the Prophet Mohamed.
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