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Excerpts from a sermon given in the Zayed bin Sultan Aal Nahyan mosque in Gaza calling for the killing of Christians and Jews. The text is being distributed by American Copts, International Christian Concern and probably several other organizations in the West.
Hamas, the main Palestinian opposition movement, recently reaffirmed its opposition to the Middle East peace process on the grounds that it would neither enable the Palestinian people to recover their minimum legitimate rights nor realize their national aspirations.
The Jordanian authorities’ unexpected move to close the offices of Hamas in Amman, round up 12 of its members and issue arrest warrants against its leaders marked a turning point in relations between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Jordanian government. But the move is expected to have...
Hamas received a serious and surprising blow in Jordan when plainclothes intelligence officers stormed and closed down the offices of four Amman-based Hamas representatives on Monday [August 30, 1999]. They arrested 15 activists. In addition, a summons warrant was issued for the four top-ranking...
Jordan’s clampdown on the activities of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, is bound to put an end to complaints by the Palestine National Authority and Israel, diplomats and political analysts said on Tuesday.
Palestinian police have detained 90 Hamas activists in the last few days in response to attempts by the Islamic militant group to carry out attacks on Israelis, a Hamas leader and Palestinian officials said on Thursday.
Jordan is ready to relinquish its religious authority over Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem to the Palestinian National Authority, Prime Minister Abur-Ra’uf S. Rawabdeh has said.
Fat-h, the backbone of the Palestinian Authority (PA), suffered a significant setback in recent student elections in universities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, in what some observers say reflects plummeting support among ordinary Palestinians for the policies of the PA led by President Yasser...
The article describes the Jewish influence on the British media. Lots of names are given.
It was not a coincidence that the British Sunday Telegraph, owned by the Jewish media moguls, has launched a fierce campaign against Egypt and its national unity at this particular time.


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