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The article highlights Zionist radicalism reflected in the rabbis’ Fatwá that approves killing of innocent civilians in Lebanon and Palestine.
In Qur’ān interview with al-Wafd, Muslim dā‘īyah Dr. Yūsuf al- Qaradāwī speaks out on the deteriorating situation in the Arab world and the role of the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance in confronting what he describes as "Israeli aggression."
The author reports the reaction of Muslim scholars on the fatwás issued by some shaykhs which denounce support for the Hizb Allāh because they are Shī‘ah.
The authors criticize the silence of key religious institutions in Egypt over recent events in Lebanon.
This press review summarizes responses from a wide variety of persons, including Coptic leaders, clergy, and congregants to the controversial Max Michel, also known as Archbishop Maximus I.
In this article the author reviews the book, ‘Monks Garden for the Popes of the Coptic Church,’ and its effect on monastic life.
The author warns of a conspiracy by Hamās, through the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, to make Jordan a substitute country for the Palestinians by turning the Hashemite kingdom into an Islamic country to liberate the Palestinian lands.
The author suggests that the Palestinians and Israelis’ refusal to see the other side of the story will deny them any chance for reconciliation and peace.
Fādī Habashī interviews Bishop Mousā, the bishop of youth, and discusses with him the current problems Copts are facing.
Ibrāhīm Qa‘oud argues that the Nazi Holocaust is just an illusion or propaganda to cover up the real Holocaust committed against Palestinians in the occupied territories.


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