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The author says that a number of companies deceive Copts into buying a small bag, which they say contains soil of the Holy Sepulcher of Jesus Christ, a leaf of the sacred olive tree, otherwise known as the Virgin Mary’s Tree and a picture of Jesus Christ. The author points out that the bag is...
The article reports on statements made by Pope Shenouda during his visit to Aswan. The Pope re-stressed that Copts should not visit Jerusalem until a peaceful solution for the Palestine issue has been reached.
The author reviews the relations binding Egypt and the Vatican, which established diplomatic ties in 1920.
Dr. Fayed Ashour refutes Jewish claims concerning the existence of Solomon´s Temple in Jerusalem
Political analyst, Muhammad Sayyed Ahmed, comments on the future of the Palestinian and Israeli states in light of current policies.
One thousand extremist Jews and Christians held a conference in Washington in which they described the Road Map as a “devilish heresy” and a violation of the Divine Promise that has been given to the Jews 4000 years ago.
The author comments on the negative consequences of secularizing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It may lead the advocates of the secular dimension to be in one group with Zionists. Zionists believe that Islam is the only danger that threatens their state.
The article is the fourth in a series of articles in which the author argues that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has an Islamic religious dimension and cannot be stripped of it.
The author argues that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict cannot be stripped of its Islamic religious dimension. He explains what he means by the Islamic dimension of the conflict and whether it means marginalizing the national Palestinian dimension.
Jerusalem has been an Arab city since its foundation. Islam came to make it the holy city for the followers of all revealed religions. The author wonders when and how Jerusalem became the spiritual homeland of Jews. The Torah was not revealed there and kings David and Solomon lived in it for a...


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