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The author of this articledoes not present facts but a caricature of the Jewish Talmud. The author refers to a text with one reference to the Talmud and to another from Jewish medieval scholar Maimonides. The first text should be placed in its proper context and the second shows a remarkable...
The Islamic World Association condemned the fact that Israeli occupation forces destroy mosques in Palestine and terrorize worshippers, considering such actions a war on Islam. With AWR editorial comment.
Dr. Lawrence Levine, professor at Stevens Institute of Technology, New York, US, and an Orthodox Jew, comments on the article “The lie of the awaited Messiah,” published in Al-Ahram Al-Arabi. He explains whether the article represents the consensus among Orthodox Jews.
The difference between the Israeli and Egyptian press in reporting news related to the Palestinian and Israeli attacks reflect the polarization taking place. A major difference is in reporting and selecting news and quotes. That is most remarkable in the way the Palestinian condemnation of the...
The Egyptian weekly Akher Saa published a number of articles with the title: “They sow hatred, malice and war.” [AWR, 2003, week 4, art. 26; week 6, art. 33; week 7, art. 37] The ‘they´ in the title refers to Israelis and Jews. Akher Saa lifts out negative statements on Arabs and Islam from Israeli...
Article with comments.
Article with comments.
The Jewish Holy Book makes Isaac the hero of the story of the sacrifice and not Ishmael who was the only and firstborn son of Abraham before the birth of Isaac. This is an intended distortion made for the benefit of the history of the Israeli people.
According to Israeli paper Musaf Shabat, the expected demographic changes in Palestine worry decision-making circles in Israel, especially as Jews are expected to account for only 45% of the population. Because the Jews of the former Soviet Union are no longer interested in the idea of emigrating...
An overview of a recent referendum including 10,000 Americans showing their attitude towards the Jews.
Since its foundation, Israel relied on the efforts of American Zionist organizations to prove it is the front-line defense for safeguarding American interests in the Middle East. The author questions the role of Arab and Islamic organizations or the Arab lobby in defending Arab and Islamic rights...
A Palestinian writer says that the slogan of education in Israel is ‘today´s student is tomorrow´s soldier.´ An Israeli researcher admits that the relation between education and the army is against democracy.
Dr. Muhammad Abu Ghadeer, professor of Hebrew literature, has compiled a study on Israeli educational curricula. He gives examples on how Israeli schoolbooks are used to deepen the culture of conflict between Israel and the Arabs and to bring up children on hating whatever is Arab.
Zāhī Hawwās, head of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, refutes the claim that the Jews built the Pyramids.
Dr. Larry Levine states that there is no justification for religiously-motivated violence in Judaism.
The MEMRI writes many of its translations “bring honor and respect to the Arab world and show it isn´t made up of radicals only.” Hulsman provides examples of MEMRI placing some of their translations in a wrong context.
Around 100,000 Russian immigrants in Israel are not Jewish according to the Orthodox Jewish law.
Dr. Larry Levine responds to questions about different Jewish denominations, conversion to Judaism in the past and the Israeli Law of Return.
It is true that Judaism does accept converts. However, Judaism does not seek converts. Indeed, traditional Judaism discourages those who want to convert to Judaism. This is a fundamental difference between the view of Christianity toward non-Christians and Judaism toward non-Jews.
Baptist pastor Dr. Jeff Adams agrees with Dr. Larry Levine, an Orthodox Jew, that some statements of evangelical Christian leaders supporting Israel are reasons for concern. But Dr. Adams asks to avoid putting all Christian evangelicals and/or fundamentalists in the same box, especially in the...


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