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In the article, the author argues that Jewish religious traditions and the Old Testament were strongly influenced by the Egyptian ethical and social code, which preceded Moses by hundreds of years.
Last March the administrative court issued a ruling which aroused huge controversy when it decreed that the pope of the Coptic Church could issue remarriage permits to Coptic couples who had obtained divorce rulings from civil courts, but not marriage annulments from the church. The ruling was...
The Supreme Council for Antiquities (S.C.A.) is investigating foreign excavation missions working in Egypt after the release of a book titled ‘Israel in Sinai’ by an American archaeologist currently carrying out research in Sinai.
The author of this articledoes not present facts but a caricature of the Jewish Talmud. The author refers to a text with one reference to the Talmud and to another from Jewish medieval scholar Maimonides. The first text should be placed in its proper context and the second shows a remarkable...
This article highlights some of the main principles of the Jewish Talmud according to a study made by a researcher from the Azhar University entitled ’Ethics of war: Between the Old Testament and the Qur’?n.’
The author links Israeli practices and the massacres in Lebanon and other Arab countries to texts of the Torah and urges Arabs to take a strong diplomatic stance and protest the killings and havoc in a neighboring Arab country.
The author argues that texts in the Bible are racist, in that they urged the Jews, as the holy people above all others, to usurp the riches of all nations.
The Copts Daily Digest published on July 8 an attack of Dr. Raafat Labeeb on an article of Mustafa Mahmoud in Al-Ahram a day earlier. Dr. Mahmoud wrote in that article that the Torah mentions nothing about the afterlife because Jewish rabbis had deleted everything from the original text to that...
"We are not in need of assuring our belief in the heavenly books and all the stories mentioned in them. We believe in what the Holy Qur’an mentioned about the story of the Jews’ departure from Egypt and how they accompanied Moses to escape the tyranny of the pharaoh."
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