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The Israeli siege of the Church of Nativity shows that Arab Christians stand alongside Muslims in the fight against Israel. The newly founded Christian al-Mahd [al-Mahd = nativity, named after the Church of the Nativity] organization places martyrdom operations on their priorities list. The...
Prof. Andreas van Agt explained great changes in the cultural climate of north-western Europe in the pasty decades, becoming more hostile to religion and certainly not only Islām. Muslims needs to understand those changes in order to be able to respond better to European critique on Islām and the...
Rashā ‘Āmir reports that Christian Zionism has become the sole means of controlling the minds of all Americans and the Europeans.
Text of lecture about a declining Christianity in the Middle East. Dalrymple compares between his travels in the mid nineties to when he collected material for his book ‘From the Holy Mountain: A Journey among the Christians of the Middle East,’ and recently travelled to the areas he had visited...
Sawt al-‘Ummah printed an interview with the chairman of the British Coptic Association while answering an invitation by al- Jazīrah TV channel. He explains Coptic activities abroad, and stresses the Coptic intention to establish an “International Coptic Council,” similar to that of the Jews.
Drs. Hulsman responds to an article published in al-Usbū‘ which discusses the controversy over hiring Dr. Berenger, who the article refers to as an “American Jew.” Hulsman warns of the dangers of fallacious reporting, and the issues that it can create.
The author discusses the controversy surrounding the appointment of a Jewish- American academic to the Faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo University.
The Egyptian Coptic Evangelical Church is accused of receiving support from American fundamentalist pastors that are loyal to America and believe in Israel’s rights in Palestine.
The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus members met with Evangelical Christians from around the world to discuss securing the existence of the Jewish state and ways to face up to the "Islamic threat.”
The controversial Islamic writer Jamāl al-Bannā reveals his views on the reasons behind religious violence, ijtihād and Islamic conquests.


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