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The author covers the meetings organized by the Goethe Institute to discuss the image of Islam in the eyes of the West, especially after September 11.
According to Newsweek, American Christian missionaries will continue their activities in Iraq, where Muslims account for 98% of the population. The International Bible Society will send 10,000 copies of an Arabic book titled “Jesus Christ came with peace” to Iraq. At the same time, the White House...
The writer gives a short and brief analysis of the US attitude towards Islam and its concepts. He presents some historical evidences to support his ideas
The author comments on the articles the magazine wrote about the Adventist Church and in which he and his group “Keepers of God´s Commandments” were mentioned.
The Middle East Research Center at Ain Shams University organized a seminar titled "Islam and Christianity standing up to Western claims.” Muslim and Christian participants called for setting out a unified Arab strategy in order to face Western claims and Zionist spite. They praised Egyptian...
The conference of information ministers of the Islamic countries aimed to call upon Arab and Islamic countries to cooperate in all fields. What is going on in Palestine and Iraq proves that the Arab nation is not united. Conflicts between Arabs have made them an easy prey for their enemies.
A research center affiliated to the Mossad accuses Egyptian author Muhammad Salmawi of anti-Semitism because of his story about Waf´a Idris, the first Palestinian young lady to commit a “martyrdom” operation against Israelis.
Comment on the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and TV series “Knight without a Horse” with a reference to the Palestinian and Iraqi issues.
The American Zionist Christian Right is dreaming of Armageddon, when all Jews will gather in Palestine, the Aqsa Mosque will be demolished and the Jewish temple will be built. Among the strongest believers of this theology is Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson who are close to President Bush.
Zionist media have continued to sow dissension between Islam and Christianity in order to separate them from each other. Zionist media kept describing the conflict between US and Iraq as a conflict between the crescent [the symbol of Islam] and the Cross. This is in spite of the fact the all people...


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