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A Portuguese cartoonist has applied for a contest, organized by Iranian newspaper Hamshahri, to draw the Holocaust, in reply to Danish cartoons, considered by many to be anti-Islamic.
The author believes that the Jews have exploited the memory of the Holocaust to garner world’s sympathy for Israel. Given the fact that the Jews were not the only victims of Nazism, the author argues that other "Holocaust” against Palestinians should be commemorated as well.
Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the People’s Assembly, Dr. Mustafa al-Fiqī, argues that it would be better for Muslims and Arabs to admit the Holocaust, arguing that denying Nazi crimes causes offense and plays into the hands of the Jews.
Khālid al-Haroub argues that Arabs and Muslims have only served the Israelis’ interests by denying the Nazi Holocaust, reinforcing the image of Jews as victims of violence.
The author argues that Arabs and Muslims should not deny the Holocaust because of their feelings over the Palestine issue, but that at the same time, the Holocaust does not excuse Israeli aggression against he Palestinians.
Zayn al-‘Ābidīn al-Rikābī writes on the two views on the Holocaust. He makes it clear that he sides with those who argue for the existence of the concentration camps that killed scores of Jews during World War II.
A press review of attitudes to the Muslim Brotherhood and its role in the new parliament, criticism that the group is putting party politics over the Egyptian people, and statements by leading figures in the group questioning the Holocaust.
The UN General Assembly passed a resolution this week designating January 27 as the annual Holocaust Memorial Day.
The Arab world regards the UN’s decision to designate a holocaust remembrance day as racism.
The articles of Ahmad are nothing but a show of extreme frustration and anger about how the holocaust has been used to create sympathy for Jews and Israel. He could have addressed this but denying or downplaying the holocaust is simply wrong.


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