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The Times published a report by its correspondent Richard Spencer, in which he spoke about Egypt's interest in rebuilding its relations with Jews. The report, translated by ʿArabī 21, indicates that up until 2010 Egyptian and Jews had been secretly celebrating the Jewish New Year (Rūsh Ḥashānā)...
The author comments on the activities of the “Jewish Association of Egyptian Jews,” based in New York. The association works for reclaiming the possessions of Egyptian Jews.
The article is an interview with Dr. Fayed Ashour. He argues that most of the Jews are not Semitic. He also refuses the claim of Jews that that they are the builders of the Giza Pyramids.
Since 1997, Zāhī Hawwās claims that there has been a cultural war waged against Egyptian civilization, and in particular the country’s heritage. He argues that some Jews have been claiming that they built the pyramids, while others say the Pyramids were built by aliens or by the people of Atlantis.
In spite of Sharon´s attacks on the Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Nativity, there were no attacks on more than 15 synagogues in Egypt. All synagogues, churches and mosques enjoy full protection and security. Egypt proved that human inheritance and places of worship have nothing to do with...
Despite a court ruling five years ago canceling the annual Jewish celebration at the tomb of Rabbi Abu Hasīra in the Delta city of Damanhour, al-Bihīra Governorate, the Egyptian government has allowed over 1000 Jewish personalities, to hold their annual festival.
Reviewer: ‘Amr al-Misrī The newspapers report that some extremist Israelis have been celebrating the mawlid of Abu Hasīra in Egypt with strange rituals which have caused much anger among Egyptian locals.
The author argues that the World Congress of the Jews from Egypt (WCJE) is using the Internet to spread their intrigue, flagrantly interfering in Egypt’s internal political affairs.
The author argues that Israeli-Zionist movements are attempting to take over Jewish owned property in Egypt to prevent it falling into the hands of Egyptians.
Mr. Abdel Rehim Rayhan, Ancient Antiquities Director of Dahab, discovered a plan set by the Zionists to change the Christian pilgrimage track in Sinai. Rayan mentioned that in 1967, some Jewish scholars visited Wadi Hagag, an area on the Christian pilgrimage track in Sinai, and took photographs of...


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