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It was really strange that Prophet Abraham has been circumcised at the age of 80 when he came to Egypt, and more strange is that Copts of Egypt are circumcised while Christians in Europe are not.
It is true that Judaism does accept converts. However, Judaism does not seek converts. Indeed, traditional Judaism discourages those who want to convert to Judaism. This is a fundamental difference between the view of Christianity toward non-Christians and Judaism toward non-Jews.
Baptist pastor Dr. Jeff Adams agrees with Dr. Larry Levine, an Orthodox Jew, that some statements of evangelical Christian leaders supporting Israel are reasons for concern. But Dr. Adams asks to avoid putting all Christian evangelicals and/or fundamentalists in the same box, especially in the...
Muslim people do not believe in the Old Testament due to their doubts that it has been modified. But the Qur’ān tells them a lot about the legitimacy of the old book. Prophet Muhammad called upon us to believe in it.
Dr. Shaykh ‘Alī Jum‘ā, Muftī of Egypt, said that Islam has limited polygamy. In a Hadīth reported by Sālim, his father, Ghaylān Ibn Salāma al-Thaqafī, had ten concubines when he embraced Islam. The Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] told him to “chose only four of them” to marry.
The author expressed the opinion that Islam is the sealed religion and the only religion accepted by God. He quoted many Qura’nic verses to prove that all prophets starting from Noah and ending by Jesus Christ had called for Islam.
Before discussing the ‘other’ in the Jewish mind, we will, first, probe into the Jewish “self,” and know how this “other” is referred to in their language, history and politics. That was the theme of a conference organized by the Hebrew Language and Literature section at the Faculty of Arts, cAyn...
Discussing the Jewish personality is an interesting yet a tiring matter. It is a psychopathic complicated personality; it is hard to discover its concealed darkness that is full of contradictions between the inherited and literal believes of Torah.
All the Christian denominations believe in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as being the price He paid for the salvation of all those who believe in Him. Still, they differ concerning the way this salvation takes place.
The author believes that faith cannot be the product of compulsion. It is unimaginable that any heavenly religion, Judaism, Christianity or Islam, can be founded on compulsion to join it. These three religions accepted and approved the religions that came before them: Judaism tells stories of the...


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