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The following lines present Muslim scholars and lecturers at the Azhar University’s opinions about the recent crisis between the Vatican and Israel on the background of the reinstallation of a Catholic bishop who doubted the number of people killed in the Holocaust. The Vatican pope seems to be...
An overview of Egyptian press coverage of Pope John Paul II’s visit to Egypt during the period February 24-26, 2000. This is the period in which the Pope was in Egypt.
Western history is full of falsifications against Islam. The real conflict is not between Muslims and Christians of the region, but between the West and the Islamic orient.
From the crusades until now, religion has always been taken as an excuse to wage war. The pope’s recent attitude reveals his political orientation.
The author tackles the visit paid by Pope Benedict XVI to Auschwitz, Poland, where the Nazi German army committed brutal massacres of European Jews and others in what is known as the Holocaust.
Father Pierre Patista, representative of the Vatican in Israel, declared that the pope of the Vatican has forgiven the Jewish family that attacked worshippers inside the Church of Annunciation last Friday.
A symposium was held in the residence of the Greek Catholic Patriarchy to discuss the role of Arab Christians in correcting the image of Islam in the West and the stand of the Vatican towards the expected war against Iraq among other issues.
An Israeli TV program depicted Christian clergymen in a disparaging manner. Italian sources stated to the Israeli paper Ma’ariv that if Jewish men of religion were mocked in the same way, Jewish organizations would have considered that an act of anti-Semitism. Full Text
Vatican-Israeli relations have been stable since October 28, 1965, when Pope Paul VI stated that not all Jews should be blamed for Jesus’ death. However, a problem has recently arisen between the Vatican and Israel because Pope Benedict XVI failed to mention Israel among his list of countries who...
The Vatican disfigured a campaign launched against it by some Jewish groups, when researchers decided to stop reviewing the Vatican’s role in World War II. The Vatican strongly defended the role of Pope Pious XXII during the war declaring that he did his best to help the Jews during the Nazis time.


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