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Husām ‘Abdul Hakam and ‘Imād Basālī made an adventurous journey through Jewish synagogues in Egypt.
The court’s decision that cancelled the celebration of the mulid of Abū Hasera, and annulled a decree from the Minister of Culture, which considered the tomb of Abū Hasera to be one of the Egyptian Coptic and Islamic monuments may be appealed against by legal experts from the Supreme Council...
Al-Arabi and Āfāq Arabia reported that a great many Jews came to the village of Demtawa to celebrate the mulid of Abū Hasera. al- Ahrar wrote that this year only three Jews attended the celebration. Rose al-Youssef mentioned that the celebration was canceled by an Egyptian decree. It pointed...
The issue of celebrating the mulid of Abū Hasera aroused the anger of the inhabitants of Demtawa, where his tomb is located. There are many conflicting stories about the reality of his character. Some stories say that he was one of the prophets that were sent to the Israelites in Egypt and...
The Supreme Council for Antiquities (S.C.A.) is investigating foreign excavation missions working in Egypt after the release of a book titled ‘Israel in Sinai’ by an American archaeologist currently carrying out research in Sinai.
The Jews in Egypt agreed to unite and establish one council for all Jews’ organizations and institutions in Egypt.
A Jew who converted to Islam and now lives in a cheap Cairo hotel tells his story. He grew up in Morocco, where his father was an advisor to King Muhammad V. He discusses his emigration to Israel and the mistreatment he received from Ashkenazi Jews.
A conference was held in Haifa where 200 Egyptian Jews gathered to claim their properties in Egypt. The author reports about the conference and met with Egyptian figures to investigate the matter.
A conference of Egyptian Jews was convened in Haifa, Israel to discuss matters such as the return of Jewish ‘personal properties,’ the Jewish supervision of their heritage in Egypt and establishing a documentation center to store documents related to Jewish family linage.
Egyptian Jews convened their first conference in Israel. They want to regain their properties in Egypt.


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