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Ihāb ‘Abd al-Hamīd writes that unlike the Jews of pre-1948 Europe, Jews in Egypt lived side by side with Muslims and Christians and assumed positions of influence in a number of Egyptian ministries.
The author comments on the activities of the “Jewish Association of Egyptian Jews,” based in New York. The association works for reclaiming the possessions of Egyptian Jews.
Several months ago Jewish media launched a campaign for the recovering of alleged Jewish possessions in Arab and Islamic countries, including the whole Abbasiya district in Egypt, a great part of the Yemeni city of Aden and villages in Iraq. Mosques and Islamic institutions are already constructed...
Article by Professor Kawthar Bint ‘Abd al-Halīm, a former lecturer in the Faculty of Education in Saudi Arabia rejects Jewish arguments that the Pyramids belong to the Jews.
Since 1997, Zāhī Hawwās claims that there has been a cultural war waged against Egyptian civilization, and in particular the country’s heritage. He argues that some Jews have been claiming that they built the pyramids, while others say the Pyramids were built by aliens or by the people of Atlantis.
A German film production company has presented a request to the Supreme Council of Antiquities, seeking permission to film part of a documentary about the history of the Jews, at Jewish monuments in Egypt.
In her book al-Yahoud al-Masriyyoun Bayn al-Masriyya wa al-Suhyouniyya [The Jews of Egypt, 1948-1957: Between Egyptianism and Zionism], Dr. Sihhām Nassār talks about the treason of the Jews who have lived under Islamic civilization yet betrayed their Eastern homelands when the Zionist-Crusade plan...
In spite of Sharon´s attacks on the Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Nativity, there were no attacks on more than 15 synagogues in Egypt. All synagogues, churches and mosques enjoy full protection and security. Egypt proved that human inheritance and places of worship have nothing to do with...
The decree designating Saturday, instead of Thursday, a day off in addition to the traditional Friday has caused a Muslim Brotherhood member of parliament to accuse the government of complimenting Jews.
The author argues that the World Congress of the Jews from Egypt (WCJE) is using the Internet to spread their intrigue, flagrantly interfering in Egypt’s internal political affairs.


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