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According to Newsweek, American Christian missionaries will continue their activities in Iraq, where Muslims account for 98% of the population. The International Bible Society will send 10,000 copies of an Arabic book titled “Jesus Christ came with peace” to Iraq. At the same time, the White House...
The article discusses the conditions of Jews in Iraq. The author interviews many Iraqi Jews on their relation with Iraq and Israel.
The article sheds light upon Jews in Iraq. While Jews in Iraq stress their Iraqi identity and reject leaving Iraq, Iraqi Jews living outside Iraq have started to ask for alleged rights – a game which Jews have played with many other Arab regimes.
Jerusalem has been an Arab city since its foundation. Islam came to make it the holy city for the followers of all revealed religions. The author wonders when and how Jerusalem became the spiritual homeland of Jews. The Torah was not revealed there and kings David and Solomon lived in it for a...
Overview of the belief of the awaited Messiah in the Jewish faith. The author believes that the Jewish history is a struggle between mere religious faith on the one hand and the idea that aims at establishing a nation by the awaited Messiah on the other hand.
The Jewish Holy Book makes Isaac the hero of the story of the sacrifice and not Ishmael who was the only and firstborn son of Abraham before the birth of Isaac. This is an intended distortion made for the benefit of the history of the Israeli people.
A Palestinian writer says that the slogan of education in Israel is ‘today´s student is tomorrow´s soldier.´ An Israeli researcher admits that the relation between education and the army is against democracy.
Dr. Muhammad Abu Ghadeer, professor of Hebrew literature, has compiled a study on Israeli educational curricula. He gives examples on how Israeli schoolbooks are used to deepen the culture of conflict between Israel and the Arabs and to bring up children on hating whatever is Arab.
The author criticizes the fact that verses from the Holy Bible and the Qur´an are interpreted in a way that does not suit the spirit of both religions and are exploited for political ends. He believes that religious thinking and discourse should be reconsidered to enable Egyptians to face the...
Rick Anderson could not find the quote Ma´ali Abdel-Hamid Hamouda gave in al-Wafd (AWR, week 4). She probably remembered a text she had read some time ago, paraphrased it and presented this as a quote.


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