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A few hundred Jews are left in Yemen. No one seems to know their exact number. No wonder. The last remaining Jews in Yemen are living in remote villages and small towns. Emigration of Jews has continued behind the scenes until at least 1995. The Jewish Agency tried to attract Yemeni Jews to go to...
The second article in this series can be found in last week’s RNSAW. This article discusses the traditions of Yemeni Jews and Yemeni Jews living abroad.
A Yemeni view on the history of the Jews in Yemen. One of the commonly held beliefs is that the Jews of Yemen are the oldest Jews ever. It is said that they were present in Yemen even before the destruction of the first temple in Jerusalem in 586 BC. The article also describes the life of the...
An overview of the history of the Jews in Yemen over the past 100 years. Emigration from Yemen was supported by the Zionist movement. But, says the author, instead of coming into the promised land they came in a country where they were discriminated.
The author of this article argues that the Jews are using stories in the Torah (which he regards as myths) to arouse the religious enthusiasm of the Jews and direct it to serve the goal of making Jerusalem Jewish, and fulfilling the goal of making it the eternal capital of Israel.
It is true some extremist Israeli groups refer to selected texts in the Torah or Old Testament, including the texts quoted by Mohammed Khalifa Hassan in order to support their claims. Hassan suggests that all religious Zionists share the same opinion when it comes to the interpretation of religious...
Israeli extremism is usually connected to Jewish religious origins. The author quotes Joshua 1: 1-7 and Deuteronomy 20: 10-17 and says these are the principles Israeli extremists apply word by word.
The article describes the Jewish influence on the British media. Lots of names are given.


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