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Dr. Munīr Ḥannā, bishop of the Episcopal Church for the Alexandria region, condemned the Zionist, terrorist attempt to burn down the Church of All Nations [Church of Gethsemane] in Jerusalem. 
Alice Rothchild, an American and Jewish writer, said that Netanyahu's re-election was an insult to many progressive Jews which are dissatisfied with his policy and Trump's policies, all of which advocate for the continuation of apartheid and violation of the rights of the Palestinian people.
Dr. Maḥmūd Zaqzūq, Egypt’s former Minister of Endowments and Secretary-General of the Egyptian Family House (EFH), called for a clear and comprehensive definition of terrorism to be agreed upon by all international institutions, pointing out that terrorism is an illicit use of violence aimed at...
Recently news about the group called the “Pure Heart” have come to the fore in Israel.
This article gives definitions of the main religious parties and movements that have role in political life in the Middle East region.
The author of this articledoes not present facts but a caricature of the Jewish Talmud. The author refers to a text with one reference to the Talmud and to another from Jewish medieval scholar Maimonides. The first text should be placed in its proper context and the second shows a remarkable...
The article highlights Zionist radicalism reflected in the rabbis’ Fatwá that approves killing of innocent civilians in Lebanon and Palestine.
"Jewish fundamentalism in Israel" by Israel Shahak and Norton Matsvenski provides information about the different extremist trends in Israel. Most dangerous among them is the Messiahani group when matters are related to both the internal and foreign policies of Israel. The Haredim is another...
One of the most renowned British publishers has issued two editions of ‘Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel’ which examines Zionist terrorism.
Dr. Larry Levine states that there is no justification for religiously-motivated violence in Judaism.


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