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Overview of the belief of the awaited Messiah in the Jewish faith. The author believes that the Jewish history is a struggle between mere religious faith on the one hand and the idea that aims at establishing a nation by the awaited Messiah on the other hand.
The American Zionist Christian Right is dreaming of Armageddon, when all Jews will gather in Palestine, the Aqsa Mosque will be demolished and the Jewish temple will be built. Among the strongest believers of this theology is Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson who are close to President Bush.
In a lecture he gave in the Library of Alexandria, Pope Shenouda III commented on many issues: The fact that the US and Israel are thought of as representatives of Christianity and Judaism, the Palestinian and Iraqi issues, Zionist Christianity and Coptic history.
Article with comments.
The article in Aqidati of January 28 seems to be intended to wipe up sentiments against Jews and Israel. There are plenty good reasons to criticize Israeli brutal policy towards the Palestinians but this article doesn´t do this but focuses on an aleged report to destroy Mecca and the Ka´ba and thus...
Aqidati claims that the Israeli daily Ma´ariv observed that there are many signs indicating the imminent coming of the Messiah: the appearance of the ten lost tribes, occupying Mecca, eliminating Muslim leaders and turning Muslims into slaves for the Jews.
Israeli Hebrew-language newspaper Yediot Ahronot has recently reported that Korean peace advocate Sun Myung Moon was expected to pay a visit to the Middle East region to meet with Muslim and Christian clerics.
The American-Israeli relationship is not only a political relationship. It has a religious dimension that is very much linked to political and military circumstances. This religious dimension has to do with the effect of Zionism on Christianity. American Christianity believes that the Jews are God...
Although there are many differences between Christianity and Judaism and despite the fact that Jews does not approve of Christianity, Zionist Christianity supports Judaism and supports the Jewish interests to rebuild the Temple of Solomon and to have their own independent state. They think of this...
In this interview, Rev. Akram Lama’i, head of the Higher Council of the Evangelical Church, speaks about the image of Islam, national unity, US occupation of Iraq, Arab Christians, Zionist Christianity, inter-religious dialogue and other issues.


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