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"No compulsion is there in religion" is a rule which Islam has set, respecting other heavenly religions [Judaism and Christianity]. It has even set rules of Shari’a concerning dealing with followers of other heavenly beliefs...
Plans are made to build a center for all three monotheistic religions in al-Tor, in the Sinai. The author, however, opposes building a synagogue out of fear the land later may be claimed by Israelis. The author is against normalization with Israel.
A senior Iranian cleric yesterday lashed out at US Secretary of State Madeline Albright for "interfering" in the trial of 13 Iranian Jews charged with spying for Israel.
Raising rumors about miracles is a continuous phenomenon for Jews. They use such things in order to reach certain religious and political goals, especially in times of historical crises.
Michael Sabbah, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, spoke in his annual message for peace in the Holy Land and the region. Growing incidents between Christians and Muslims are not spontaneous, he said.
The American Zionists conspiracies in the last two decades wanted to mislead the Copts. To weaken their traditional relations with Muslims they have used disloyal Coptic Organizations that work from abroad and co-operate with some Westernized people in Egypt.
A heated confrontation took place between the Sheikh of the Azhar and Dr. Mustafa Imam, professor in the Faculty of Arabic Language at the Azhar University, during a press conference held by the Sheikh last Tuesday.


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