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The author discusses the term "Christian Zionism" and its origin and argues that Zionism should not be described as Christian on the grounds that the Catholic and Orthodox churches as well as mainstream Protestants have rejected Zionism on a religious basis.
The author analyzes the history of the crusades against Arabs and Muslims. He sees that these wars shaped what can be called the clash of civilizations.
Mursī ‘Attallah defends Islam as a religion of peace, not terrorism and racism.
Dr. Wasīm al-Siysī disputes the claim that states ruled by religion are more successful than those ruled by positivist man-made laws, using the ancient Egyptian state and the modern state of Israel as cases in point.
"Kifayà" [enough] movement leaders face huge criticism concerning their mixed ideologies and double standards.
This article is an interview with the head of Cairo Jewish Community, Carmen Weinstein, who speaks about the conditions of the few Jews still living in Egypt and their relationship with the Egyptian government and Israel.
A professor of American studies at the AUC says that the United States is using Islamists only to maintain its own interests and claims that the US wants a kind of Islam that goes along with American policies, particularly as far as Israel is concerned.
The article investigates the connections and ties between young Muslim dā‘īya ‘Amr Khālid and a Jewish American journalist called Samantha M. Shapiro, who is known for her pro-Israel stance and fanaticism against the Palestinians, according to the author.
In this article, the author reviews a book by a group of Jewish historians refuting Israeli allegations about possession of property in Cairo, including the southern Cairo suburb of Ma‘ādī.
An explanation of the Qur’ānic verse " Neither those who are not object of Allah’s anger nor the misled" in order to negate the opinion that the "misled" are the Christians and "the object of Allāh’s anger" are Jewish people.


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