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Alice Rothchild, an American and Jewish writer, said that Netanyahu's re-election was an insult to many progressive Jews which are dissatisfied with his policy and Trump's policies, all of which advocate for the continuation of apartheid and violation of the rights of the Palestinian people.
The author comments on the relations between Jews and Muslims and Jews and Christians. He shows how Jews do injustice to the other two groups
Dr. Fayed Ashour refutes Jewish claims concerning the existence of Solomon´s Temple in Jerusalem
Rose Al-Youssef reported in its issue of June 21-27, 2003 about “Jewish extremists accuse Sharon of being lenient” [AWR, week 25, art. 11]. The article gave the impression that some fringe “nuts” are generally accepted by Jews while in fact the vast majority of Jews are embarrassed by such radicals...
The article is an interview with Dr. Fayed Ashour. He argues that most of the Jews are not Semitic. He also refuses the claim of Jews that that they are the builders of the Giza Pyramids.
In an unprecedented move in the history of Israeli extremists, Israeli rabbis issued a fatwa that brands Sharon an unbeliever in order to pave the way for his assassination if he crosses the line. Sharon was accused of unbelief only because he considered satisfying the United States by dismantling...
The objective of exploring the Jewish lifestyle is not to show the demerits of their beliefs and of the laws that they drew from outside the holy books of the Old Testament. The objective is to search for an answer to the question “What is the reason for this deep contradiction between the laws...
An unknown Jew recently wrote a letter to The Jerusalem Post abusing European heads of states with the typical distorted view of history. The letter carried the headline "An Open Letter to the American President - We will take revenge upon Killer Arabs" was signed by one Hana Gore.
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