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I do not know how the Arab media succeeded in conveying the idea that the West is defending Jews and Zionism and that Muslims and Arabs are the ones who hate the Jews, and eventually Zionism. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Arab newspapers copy from the American media, which has proven to be...
 Criticizing the attack on the chairman of the Egyptian media portal ‘al-Bawāba’, Egyptian columnist Muḥammad ʿAlī Ibrāhīm writes on two subsequent editions: Part 1of 2 French newspapers and websites launched a frenzied campaign against Dr. ʿAbd al-Raḥīm ʿAlī, chairman of al-Bawāba newspaper and...
October presents the opinion of Uri Avnery, an Israeli author, writing about the “conflict of civilizations.” October writes that Avnery has shown support to the Prophet of Islām and Muslims against false accusations and mistrust promoted by the head of the Catholic Church.
The author discusses Western hostility against Islam.
Ibrāhīm Qa‘oud argues that the Nazi Holocaust is just an illusion or propaganda to cover up the real Holocaust committed against Palestinians in the occupied territories.
The article is about the story of the Jewish Massada [1st century Jews who prefered committing suicide instead of surrendering to the Romans] and its significance in Jewish history.
The head of the Hebrew Studies Department at Ain Shams University compiled the “Encyclopedia of Jewish Religious Terms.” The encyclopedia contains 800 Jewish religious terms. Some of these terms cover the concept of war in Judaism. They show that a great part of Jews’ wars are religious ones.
The article discusses gloating by some Israeli newspapers and websites over the disaster of Egypt’s 35-year old ferry al-Salām Boccaccio 98, which sank some 50 miles off Egypt. The paper says that many Israelis celebrated the ordeal in which hundreds of Egyptians were killed.
The author states that Menachem Begin claimed that his ancestors had helped build the Pyramids but that this is untrue.
The author of this article argues that the Jews are using stories in the Torah (which he regards as myths) to arouse the religious enthusiasm of the Jews and direct it to serve the goal of making Jerusalem Jewish, and fulfilling the goal of making it the eternal capital of Israel.
The article is an attack on an article published recently on the issue of el-Koshh in Time Magazine.
The Jews claim that they are God’s chosen people which is a fallacy. They have been able by illegal means to make Britain give them the promise of Balfour, which allowed them to establish a Zionist national state in Palestine. This allowed them to spread their influence across the world and to...
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