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From the crusades until now, religion has always been taken as an excuse to wage war. The pope’s recent attitude reveals his political orientation.
Subtitles:The leaders of terrorism who have escaped to London.1- The escaped terrorist Adel Abdel Hamied raises funds from the Islamic center to finance terrorism.2- Moustafa Hamza leads the training in the terrorist farms in Sudan.The author discusses the West’s involvement in terrorism in...
This article contains the reply of Pope Shenouda to a demand by Wasiem Roushdi Al-Seici that the pope erase the verses of the Torah that attack Egypt.
A drug addict killed his wife by throwing her from the fourth floor and then attacked the Assembly of Saint George, destroying some of the contents of the building before trying to set fire to it.
President Housni Moubarak gave a comprehensive political speech to Al-Ahram newspaper last week. This speech dealt with the president’s viewpoints concerning the most important internal and external issues and was clear and self- evident. Yet the problems of the Copts, and their aspirations for the...
Subtitles:(1) Dr. Sai’d "The report of the Azhar does not differentiate between criticizing Sheik Abdel Sabour Shahein and attacking the prophet Yosef"(2) Judicial resource "there is a difference between freedom of thought and writing with malicious intentions"(3) The Center of Law Research "...
Subtitle:Jewish Orientalist Shatel "our only aim is to humiliate Islam by stubbing out Islamic doctrine"The secular war waged against Islam by its enemies is becoming fiercer. They have launched this war by stirring up cases that are considered, from the secular view point, a kind of...
The Jews in Egypt agreed to unite and establish one council for all Jews’ organizations and institutions in Egypt.
The author discusses statements of Iranian president Ahmadinejad on the holocaust as a prelude to a conference that will be held in Tehran in December, dedicated to the holocaust and its consequences.
Samīr Murqus gives a snapshot on the history of Christian-Zionism.
Majdī Khalīl answers 11 questions that show the world’s state after September 11.
The Coptic Catholic Patriarch’s deputy, Bishop Yūhannā Qultah, has called for deleting words like: ‘Israel’ and ‘Jerusalem’ from all Coptic services. He says such words support thoughts of Christian Zionism, which is strongly rejected by Christian teachings.
The author continues to refute the idea of Christian Zionism, saying that the idea of settling the Jews in the land of Palestine was strongly encouraged in many European countries and helped the Jews consolidate linking their settlement in Palestine to biblical beliefs and prophecies.
The author continues this series of articles, refuting the idea of Christian Zionism, saying that the idea of settling Jews into the land of Palestine was strongly encouraged by many European countries. This helped the Jews consolidate the link between their settlement in Palestine and biblical...
The author discusses Israeli hostility towards Arabs and its war crimes in Lebanon and Palestine.
Stephen Sizer’s controversial book ‘Christian Zionism’ brought him accusations of anti- Semitism. Rose al-Yūsuf interviewed Sizer in Cairo during his tour around the Middle East.
The author discusses how Islam can affect Arab culture and its formation according to God’s laws and regulations.
A Jew who converted to Islam and now lives in a cheap Cairo hotel tells his story. He grew up in Morocco, where his father was an advisor to King Muhammad V. He discusses his emigration to Israel and the mistreatment he received from Ashkenazi Jews.
An Egyptian author writes in favor of Israel and Judaism in a book banned by the Azhar University.
The author discusses the term "Christian Zionism" and its origin and argues that Zionism should not be described as Christian on the grounds that the Catholic and Orthodox churches as well as mainstream Protestants have rejected Zionism on a religious basis.


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