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A Coptic researcher rejects some laymen’s suggestion to cancel the altar lot, used inchoosing the patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, arguing that it is something from God that cannot be canceled or dropped.
Bishop Bīshūy comments on current church affairs and announces that Bishop Yu’annis is still the pope’s private secretary
The article sheds light on the dispute between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the laymen front concerning the amendments of the regulations for electing the pope.
The article highlights the conflict among Coptic Orthodox bishops about the papal succession.
A new stage inside the Orthodox Church in which Copts have started to disobey Pope Shenouda and organize demonstrations to express their demands.
Pope Shenouda is willing to hold a conference to discuss laymen’s calls to amend the list of regulations for choosing the patriarch.
The author writes about Kamāl Zākhir Mūsá, coordinator of Ecclesiastical reform front. He introduces his book al-‘Almānyyūn wa al-Kanīsah’ [the laymen and the church]. He presents the reforms which Zākhir Mūsá proposed.
Zākhir discusses the dimensions of the conflict between the church and the laymen trend by shedding light on some of the reasons which have led to severe attacks against the laymen and their policy.
Dr. Kamāl Mūsá sheds light on the experience of the laymen in the Coptic Orthodox community.
The article discusses the conflicts within the Coptic Church.


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