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Members of the Constituent Assembly Khālid Yūssuf  and Muhammad Abu al- Ghār have stated their dissatisfaction with the judicial support to the court sentence ruling to jail novelist Karam Sābir, member of the Writers' Union, for 5 years due to being convicted of contempt of religion.
Author Karam Sābir, member of the Writer’s Union, was convicted of contempt of religion for a set of short stories under the title “Where is God?” which promotes religion and faith.
Thank you to the honourable al-Azhar, who finally responded to the demands of the President and the people – demands of truth, righteousness, beauty, and progress. Al-Azhar finally decided on the participation of the forces of enlightenment to confront the forces of darkness that promote hate...
Background: Al-Muhājir (translation: the Immigrant, common spelling: El Muhager), a film by the Coptic Christian film director Yūsuf Shāhīn, caused uproar when it screened in Egyptian cinemas, especially as it had not been prevented by authorities after Islamists sued the film and its crew. Yūsuf...
This report provides an overview of different human rights organizations in Egypt and th
Talking about censorship and freedom of thought, the writer argues that Islām is the religion of freedom as it calls for it before secular communities. It is manifested as the Muslims in the past did not know any inspection courts of nowadays.
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