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A church source warned against getting carried away with people who provoke sectarian strife, especially on social media. 
The Cairo Appeals Prosecution continues its investigation into a complaint filed by the National Media Authority accusing stand-up comedian Muḥammad Ashraf of “mocking the state-owned Holy Quran [al-Qurʾān al-Karīm] radio station.”
State security arrested a teacher known as Joe Hani [Joe Hānī] in al-Ismāʿīliyyah after being accused of insulting the Prophet Muḥammad on social media.
Lawyer Najīb Jibrāʾīl, president of the Egyptian Union for Human Rights organization, submitted a complaint to chancellor Ḥamāda al-Ṣāwī, the public prosecutor, accusing youths of making fun of Christianity by dressing up as monks and dancing and doing acrobatics in the monastic garbs. 
The courts in Egypt are witnessing weird cases every day and some of these cases become part of the collective memory. One of these cases is the famous case in which the famous Coptic leader of the Wafd Party, Makram ʿUbayd Pasha, or Makram Ebeid, pleaded the case of a Muslim Egyptian citizen, who...
Members of the Constituent Assembly Khālid Yūssuf  and Muhammad Abu al- Ghār have stated their dissatisfaction with the judicial support to the court sentence ruling to jail novelist Karam Sābir, member of the Writers' Union, for 5 years due to being convicted of contempt of religion.
Author Karam Sābir, member of the Writer’s Union, was convicted of contempt of religion for a set of short stories under the title “Where is God?” which promotes religion and faith.
In a call-in show aired Thursday on Egyptian TV, president of the Egyptian Union for Human Rights (EUHR), Najīb Jubrāʾīl said that it is an urge to annul the law on contempt of religion, after it became evident that this law has been used by some against the intellectuals.
This report provides an overview of different human rights organizations in Egypt and th
‘Abd al-Wahāb ‘Īsá writes about the fatwá issued by Dār al-Iftā’ accusing Dr. Sayyid al-Qimnī of apostasy.


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