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The proposed constitutional amendments stress the importance of citizenship. The amendments cannot be achieved all at once, as there must be a cultural and social basis on which the amendments can be established. A secular state will fulfill the demands of most Egyptians, and Copts look forward to...
Several human rights activists accused the second article of the Egyptian Constitution of flouting the non-Muslims rights at a symposium held by Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies on ’ the plight of the freedom of belief in Egypt.’
The article praises the legal procedure taken against ‘Brotherhood Militias’ that appeared in the Azhar University as a step forward to separating the state from religion.
Scholars have rejected calls to amend the second article of the constitution which stipulates that the principles of Sharī‘ah are the mainstay of Egyptian legislation as they believe it would transform Egypt into a secular state.
The U.S. plays an important role in the formation of Egyptian policy since the latter began receiving U.S. aid regardless of what the regime claims of its independence decision and sovereignty.
Mu‘taz Billāh ‘Abd al-Fattāh discusses the difference between liberalism and secularism.
Nabīl ‘Abd al-Malik suspects that certain articles of the Egyptian constitution will be amended while others will be left untouched. He believes that a whole integrated constitution has to be established to follow a unified political philosophy that respects the rights of all citizens, especially...
Muhammad al-Mu‘tasim writes about the possibility of a Christian being elected as president.
The stand of the judge’s club against appointing female judges shocked civil and feminist trends which believe that this stand is contrary to the principle of judge’s independency. It also violates the Egyptian constitution and the international charters.
The review deals with Minister of Culture Fārūq Husnī’s latest remarks in which he termed the Ḥijāb to be "a relapse backward," drawing public controversy and anger in parliament where the ruling party, the opposition and independents agreed on the need to have the minister tender his...


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