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The opposition seeks to achieve constitutional amendments which reflect its demands that more authority be given to political parties and that presidential functions be reduced, encouraging a democratic parliamentary system.
The recommendations of a seminar on amending the Egyptian constitution called for amending article 2 of the Egyptian Constitution, after failing to achieve an agreement to omit it.
The Coptic Orthodox church restricts freedom and nobody is allowed to express his or her opinion, to object or to disagree. Whoever dares to do so is expelled from the church and deprived of exercising church rites, which violates the constitution.
The article discusses a conference of Muslim-Christian dialogue between the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy and the Episcopal Church in which the participants stressed the importance of cooperation for the good of both Muslims and Christians.
The author outlines a number of views on the controversial issue of whether to remove the religion reference from Egyptian identity documents.
Over the past few months, many Egyptian intellectuals and Christian clergy have called for the removal of any reference to religious affiliation from identity cards. Amongst these was Father Marqus ‘Azīz Khalīl, who stated in al-Maydān of August 16, 2006 that the inclusion of religious...
A second consecutive parliamentary round has expired without considering the proposal for a unified law for places of worship. The author asserts that if approved, the law will put an end to current discriminatory legislation with regards to the building and restoring of places of worship for...
Ahmad Murād and ‘Arwa Hassan investigate the real motives and objectives of conferences held abroad by Egyptian immigrant Copts. Experts and analysts believe that this minority serves anything but the interest of its own homeland.
The Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry has rejected the use of religious slogans as trade marks, but the company Mecca Cola is filing a lawsuit to register its trademark in Egypt
The author criticizes statements made by intellectual Dr. Silīm al- ‘Awā, in which he emphasizes that Copts are dependent on foreign support in solving their problems and that Copts’ conditions are very much better than those of Muslims.


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